Who we are

Katrina Urbanik has established herself with innovative and border-bursting design and architecture. The hallmark is individual functional solutions, function inspired solutions based on eco-friendly materials that are easy to care of and require little maintenance. Concrete and brick house in a contemporary style and classic modern style, with right angles and clean surfaces are her signature.

Katrina graduated i 2007 with honoured A levels as architect from the Oxford School of Architecture in England and has broad experience in architecture, interior design and engineering in Norway and in Europe. In addition, Katrina studied auditing at the Business School and Economics of MANAGEMENT and Administration in the PWSBiA in Warsaw in Poland and BI Handelshøyskole in Sandvika, Norway.

Katrina Urbanik works with very competent and ambitious architects, designers and engineers. We are a team, operating in the UK, Norwegian and European markets. We deal with complex architectural design, public spaces, commercial and interior design. Each new project is an opportunity for us to create projects with high functionality and a chance to use the original architectural and technical solutions.

We carry out projects with great commitment and accuracy, which is why we offer our customers the full support of the project - supervision of the project from the construction phase to interiors.