We offer a comprehensive architectural and design service at the highest level. Knowledge of the team's interior designers and almost 10 years of architectural experience mean that we are able to meet most expectations and perform an elaborate, original and unique architecture and interior design in any style: modern, minimalist, classic, glamour, and many others, in accordance with the expectations of the customer. Space is for us lubrication material, which by a sophisticated and nuanced detail we can create the perfect inside private or public. Our professionalism is confirmed by numerous references and multiple publications carried out in opinion-making trade magazines.

We offer a full spectrum of architectural design services. We design residences, multiple dwellings, offices, extensions and lofts.

We also deal with interior design of apartments, houses, residences and all commercial spaces in its full range with author’s supervision.

Our practice does not take build/set up mission, as this is not a part of our competence. We follow however the project on the construction site for our customers regardless of the building-construction company the customer chooses.

Our offer of services includes:
Drawing up project conceptions,
Compiling and analysing building projects with the aim of attaining building permits,
Preparing executive projects,
Author’s supervision on-site,
Drawing up cost estimate which controls feasibility of project within predicted budget,
Gathering advertising material that promotes the investment.